What is UmpTracker?

UmpTracker is a website dedicated to understanding the umpire's effect on the outcome of a game through monitoring and modeling MLB umpire characteristics and performance.

What does UmpTracker monitor?

Only called balls and strikes, all pitches not swung at by the batter.

Where does UmpTracker get the Data?

All of the data is pulled and updated every 5 minute from Pitchf/x.

What is Pitchf/x?

PITCHf/x is a pitch tracking system, created by Sportvision, and is installed in every MLB stadium since around 2006.

What are the applications?

Home page app

The homepage app is an interactive plot of all the missed calls from the prior days games. The default upon opening the app is the worst call of the day as measured in inches of the batters strike zone. The table to the right gives the details of any pitch selected in the plot. The charts to the left indicated the

Todays Matchups

This app lists todays (anticipated) umpire's and pitcher's heat maps for comparison and analysis. MLB does not publish an umpire schedule and coachs can change scheduled pitchers at anytime. This app predicts matchups as best as possible with the provided infomation.

Umpire Strike Zone

Analyzes an indivdual umpire's strike zone while changing variable such as teams, hitters, pitchers counts and outs.

Umpire Strike Zone Comparison

Same as Umpire Strike Zone but with the ability to directly compare to another umpire.

Daily Umpire Performance

A detailed application that allows for analysis of specific umpire in a specific game. This app also rates the umpire against his peers for that particular day.

Umpire Profile

Additional information on individual umpires

Who created UmpTracker?

The UmpTracker apps and website are the creation of Brad Alberts.


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